uPrint and Dimension ABS Black back in stock

The 56 cubic inch spools of ABS black is now back in stock. We will re-instate the Black color on the eCOmmerce site for ordering online.

Right to Repair the equipment you own

Farmers are leading the charge to get laws on the books allowing them to fix their own equipment and not go through a dealer. The same legislation will apply to 3D Printers once invoked.Right to Repai …
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uPrint and Dimension ABS Orange discontinued

Once we are sold out we will no longer be carrying Orange colored ABS in 56 cubic inch (ci) or 92ci spools. The 56ci spools run on uPrint, Dimension and Fortus 250 Stratasys 3d printers. The 92ci spoo …
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Fortus Print Head Repair

Does Argyle materials offer Fortus 3d printer head repairs?We recently had a customer call us for a second opinion after the Stratasys Service Technician visited and told them their print head was unr …
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