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Generic PC ABS for STRATASYS®  FORTUS® 3D Printers. Save 25% vs OEM.

ABS ESD for Fortus 360mc/380mc/400mc/450mc/900mc/F900® 92 (cu in) Spool with EEPROM chip, like Gen 1 OEM P/N # 311-20800 (Classic) or Gen 2 (Plus) 355-02130 , uses Argyle BST Support or OEM SST Support-p

Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 360/380/400/450/900mc® 3D printers. Argyle ABS-ESD is a refill for Stratasys® Canisters and comes with eeprom chip. ABS-ESD can be run on any ABS-M30® machine...
Breakaway Support, huge savings in time and cost vs SR-30, uses T12SR30 tips

Fortus Break Away Support (BST) for ABS, PCABS, ASA (peel away, won't wash off, needs fresh tip if switching from Soluble): Fortus 360/380/400/450/F900+® 92ci Spool with soluble EEPROM chip (Classic/Gen 1 or Plus/Gen 2) SAVE 34% vs SR-30-p

Argyle Break Away Support is a Plug & Play refill material (peel away, won't wash off) compatible with Fortus 360/380/400/450/900/F900+® soluble support machines with supplied eeprom. For use with ABS-M30®, ASA, PCABS, and ABS-ESD...
Ultem 9085 Support 92.3ci refill spool

Fortus Ultem® 9085 Support for 400/450/900/F900+® 92 (cu in) spool with EEPROM chip, like OEM P/N# 310-30600 (Classic/Gen 1) or 355-03220 (Plus/Gen 2), Save 33% vs OEM-p

Traditional Sabic Ultem® 9085 Support. Vacuum sealed with desiccant in same packaging as OEM. 9085 Support eeprom chips provided for either Gen 1/Classic or Gen 2/Plus configured machines. Our Ultem 9085 Support filament has consistent diameter to an...